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Welcome to the Law website!

This site is about law drafting. But it is not about drafting a will, or a contract, or even a constitution for the tennis club. It is about the drafting of government legislation, particularly in independent countries which have a ‘Westminster’ type constitution. Most of these countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations and I have drafted legislation in 7 such jurisdictions over the last 25 years.

The drafting of legislation is an aspect of legal practice that is not widely known or well understood. The purpose of this website is to place in the public domain some of the elements of the law drafting process. See the Law Drafting Process link. The website also sets out the nature of drafting instructions, which are produced by policymakers and are essential for effective legislation. See the Drafting Instructions link.

The website shares some of the more humorous aspects of the life of a law drafter. See the Lighter Side link. Finally, it includes details about myself and the services I can provide as a consultant drafter – see the Law Drafting Services link.

I hope you will find in this site something of interest about a little-known area of legal practice; also perhaps something to amuse on a topic that is generally thought to be rather dull. If you would like to contact me about any aspect of the site, or about the services I can provide, please refer to the Contact link.

John F. Wilson
Kettering, U.K.
December 2004


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